Debit Card

Use money from your checking account WITHOUT WRITING A CHECK
Now when you go shopping or out of town, you can leave your checkbook at home. All you need is the Yellowstone Bank Debit Card. It allows you to access funds from your checking account at millions of locations around the world that accept debit cards. So whether you’re buying groceries, shopping for clothes, or dining out – don’t worry. Take the card that lets you pay without writing checks or carrying excess cash.

FASTER AND EASIER than writing checks
Simply present your Yellowstone Bank Debit Card to the merchant, sign the receipt and go. It saves time when you’re in a hurry, because you don’t have to write a check or wait for a check approval.

Offers you CASH ACCESS around the world
Use the Yellowstone Bank Debit Card as a quick, easy way to get cash all over the world. Enjoy 24/7 worldwide access to funds on deposit with universal ATM coverage through more than 2 million ATMs in 210 countries.

ACCEPTED where checks aren’t
It’s not always easy to pay by check when you’re away from home. Even in your local area many places such as restaurants may not accept checks. Your Yellowstone Bank Debit Card can help.

Use it wherever debit cards
are accepted – around town or around the world. You can even use it when ordering merchandise or services by phone, mail or online.

Gives you a better way to KEEP TRACK of your purchases
The Yellowstone Bank Debit Card gives you an easier and more accurate way to keep track of transactions. A detailed description of every card purchase you make appears on your regular monthly checking statement. That helps you manage your money better, because you know how you are spending it.

Please contact customer service at any of our locations to apply.

For more information please refer to the Mastercard Guide to Benefits.